Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage

For deep healing and relaxation

Remedial massage is an effective soft tissue therapy that can be used to treat and prevent muscle injuries and related pain and soreness. It is a suitable treatment and therapy for pain resulting from physical injury, RSI (repetitive strain injuries), and postural alignment problems.

Other forms of pain are caused by damage to muscle tissue. The muscles in your head and neck are the most common cause of headaches. The origin of lower back pain is usually your muscles, not your discs.

Strong and healthy muscles provide good support, stability and movement for your organs and joints.

Massage philosophy remedial massage back injuries

Remedial massage is helpful for a number of muscle injuries and conditions:

  • back injuries
  • muscular atrophy (muscle wasting) from lack of physical activity (through disability or injury)
  • frozen shoulder (chronic stiffness/pain in shoulder joints)
  • muscle cramps (spasms) as a result of extended physical labour or exercise
  • sports and dance injuries including lower back injuries , sprains and strains
  • whiplash trauma (e.g. car accidents) and neck/upper back strain, including the support muscles and ligaments
  • arthritis
  • stress

The remedial massage therapists at Massage Philosophy are highly-trained professionals with qualifications in anatomy and physiology. Their knowledge, experience and understanding allow them to conduct an accurate assessment, and provide the most suitable treatment for your condition.

Our massage therapists use proven remedial massage techniques to treat deep and superficial tissues. Through their skilled hands, they can provide natural non-invasive pain relief by correcting and restoring function to your muscles and soft tissue.

You can access remedial massage services at all our store locations. Please advise your Massage Philosophy therapist of your current health conditions and symptoms. They can recommend how frequently you should receive massage therapy treatment. Please consult with your doctor before starting any massage treatment plan.