Tennis Elbow Treatment

Tennis Elbow Treatment

Tennis elbow is a condition where you experience elbow pain and inflammation from overuse of your hands or arms.

This type of pain may be caused by damage to your forearm muscles and tendons. Injury may occur as a result of overusing incorrect technique in activities ranging from sports (e.g. tennis, golf and athletics) to physical labour (e.g. carpenters, assembly-line workers, cleaners, mechanics and manual labourers). Even knitting

Pre-existing conditions may also put you at higher risk of tennis elbow:

  • stiffness and weakness of your forearms
  • weakness of your shoulder muscles
  • unstable elbow joints
  • unsuitable sports equipment (e.g. oversized equipment)
  • carrying heavy loads continuously

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Usually, your elbow’s joints have the ability to recover after moderate use. With overuse, they may not. If this overload occurs, you may experience elbow pain, especially when using your wrist or hand.

There are also other symptoms which may indicate tennis elbow:

  • persistent aches when you are at rest
  • difficulty with opening your fingers and clenching your fist
  • a weak grip and difficulty with grasping, holding, handling and lifting objects
  • soreness and pain around the outside of your elbow.

Typically, your doctor identifies and diagnoses tennis elbow by consulting you about your symptoms. Other unrelated health conditions may be causing your pain, so it is important for your doctor to conduct a proper diagnosis.

Tennis elbow and other related conditions can last for weeks and even months.

At Massage Philosophy, we can help with the healing process and boost your recovery. Our therapists can use massage techniques to help stretch and lengthen your affected arm muscles, prevent and loosen scar tissue, improve blood circulation, and provide natural pain relief.